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Selling luxury residential properties often takes much more time and comes with many more stipulations than selling apartments, condominiums, or standard middle-class homes. Considering their value, this should come as no surprise. Investing millions of dollars into a home is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The key is attracting buyers and explaining why this investment is worthwhile. Here are a few tips to do just that.

  1. Know Who You’re Selling To

From a psychological perspective, you always want to understand exactly what interested buyers are looking for in order to draw in higher-end clientele. Your goal should not be to attract as many buyers as possible, but rather a specifically targeted audience; those who are financially qualified for such a purchase.

  1. Sell More Than Just Architecture

While the aesthetics of the house should certainly be impressive enough to draw in wealthier crowds, there are a number of other factors that should be taken into consideration in order to make this house as appealing as it can be. For example, proximity to major cities, local school systems, and walkability are all highly sought after features that luxury homeowners often expect with their residential investments.

  1. Value Correctly

Setting the home’s price at the correct value from day one is crucial, but not always easy. Take the house’s pros and cons into consideration, compare it to the surrounding market, and plan for how long this sale may take.

With luxury homes, you’ll want to value each unique feature in order to drum up the most accurate price (those being the aforementioned proximity to major cities, schools, etc.). Pricing a home too high, however, can result in it sitting on the market for far too long and causing buyers to think that there are active issues that haven’t been resolved.

  1. Market Through Multiple Platforms

With the digital world at every agent and broker’s fingertips, it would be foolish not to market your property online in addition to traditional methods. Marketing the home through just one platform is not enough. Reaching out to fellow agents, past clients, and networking in general spreads your listing through word of mouth, which trickles down to additional online marketing.

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